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Events for 2017 include: April 29, 2017 - Spring Planting Festival

September 16, 2017 - The 25th annual Haunting in the Hills Story Telling Festival

September, 2017 - Thunder Road Author Rally in Maynardville, TN

Would you like to schedule an event?

I will gladly visit your school or library. Sessions include:
  • Creative writing-how to write a story. This can vary from the very young to the very old.
  • Make your own book. Younger children will love making their very own picture book!
  • Fishing for Turkey story reading. This presentation includes motivational interaction with the students in order to broaden their own vocabulary and imagery. Free coloring pages are passed out.
  • Readings. Would you just like an author to just come in and read to your children? Kids often enjoy having a visitor read to them before answering their questions like why they became a writer or how they got the stories that they did.
I can do up to three sessions in one day. Travel and lodging expenses not included. Local sessions are free of charge.

Other Services

I'm offering formatting services for $.001 per word ($50 for 50,000 words). This service includes:

  1. header/footer with page numbers in accordance with author's specifications. Header/footer can be different or same for each chapter.
  2. Placing text on the page in accordance to author's specifications-note all body text will be the same for this price. If the author wants different chapters/pages of text to be different in font/size/spacing/etc, the cost will increase. This increase is on an individual basis.
  3. Simple Illustrations that are provided by the author will be placed. Complex illustration placement or placement of illustrations not provided by the author are extra. This price is on an individual basis.
  4. Copyright, title, and endpages formatted in accordance to standard placement and/or author specifications.

My services do NOT include:

  1. editing in any way, aka changing wording, fixing typos or capitalization errors, changing italicizing and bold face differences. (I will change the font to the author's specifications, but not individual wording as such.)
  2. Providing any text. The copyright, title page, and end papers are the author's responsibility to provide.

I reserve the right to turn down any job for any reason. I reserve the right to inform the author that the work will require more formatting than is usual and will therefore cost more than the standard rate. All fees will be agreed upon prior to any work started. Feel free to ask questions! Please Contact me if you're interested.