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Past events:

Reading at the Art Circle Library

Story telling at Blue Heron Ghost Train 2017

Would you like to schedule an event?

I will gladly visit your school, library, or story telling event. Sessions include:
  • Creative writing and narration from the very young to the experienced. I will teach how to finally get that first story out by utilizing easy techniques professional authors use. (Suitable for all ages.)
  • Story telling sessions with up to 2 short teasers and one 30 minute main session (Suitable for all ages, but I need to know the level of the audience beforehand)
  • Book reading. This presentation includes motivational interaction with the students in order to broaden their own vocabulary and imagery. Free coloring pages are passed out. (Suitable for younger audiences.)
  • If you have another project in mind, feel free to ask about it.
Travel and lodging expenses not included. Local sessions are free of charge.

Other Services

I offer formatting services for $.001 per word ($50 for 50,000 words).

Please E-mail me for more information. Thank you.